Hey there!

I'm Eamon Niknafs

I'm a computer science student from Southern California studying in Boston. I’m interested in security research, machine learning, and software engineering.

I am currently working at Spark! as a machine learning project manager. Recently, I've been learning about adversary emulation frameworks & pentesting, supervised, unsupervised, & deep learning concepts, and scalable serverless deployment.

I am really excited about how my adversary emulation framework project turned out! Its special features include a hybrid encryption scheme, messaging apps to disguise communication, shell code injection, and a number of measures to avoid detection. Check out the research poster below, and see my GitHub for more!

My Interests

I am constantly striving to improve my skills and seeking to collaborate on interesting projects!

Security Research
Machine Learning
Operating Systems
Decentralized Systems
Full-Stack Development
Functional Programming


Bachelor's in
Computer Science
Boston University
Class of 2023


Adversary Emulation Framework

An adversary emulation framework with special features including use of a messaging app as a communication channel, a hybrid encryption scheme, and shell code injection. The implant is served by a containerized listening server, MySQL database, and Flask app.

See Research Poster


A software pipeline to classify historic natural history specimens, built for the Harvard HerbariumBU Spark!. The pipeline is composed of custom-trained, fine-tuned, and pre-trained models in conjunction with structural pattern matching algorithms to pick correct classifications in the correct context.

Visit Repo

Photo Sharing App

A fully featured photo sharing app, where you can create a profile, upload photos, add friends, and like and comment on content.

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Say Cheese!

An app that uses pre-trained on-device machine learning to identify when to take the perfect group photo. It tracks features such as smile and blink probabilities.

Custom Interpreter & Compiler

A stack-language interpreter and compiler built in OCaml.

VIsit Repo

And Many More

Check out my GitHub!

 GitHub
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