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I'm Eamon Niknafs

I'm a computer science student from Southern California studying in Boston. I’m interested in Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Software Engineering. I have two years of work experience developing and deploying full-stack apps and machine learning pipelines. I've interned at Accurate Background, Fidelity Investments, and BU Spark! I am currently working at Spark! as a machine learning project manager. Most recently, I've been learning about supervised, unsupervised, & deep learning concepts, c2 servers & adversary emulation, and serverless PWAs & scalable deployment. Check out my GitHub for more!

My Skills

I have developed skills in the following categories through my work experience, personal projects, and studies at Boston University.

Machine Learning
Offensive Cybersecurity
Functional Programming
Full-Stack Development
Operating Systems
Programming Languages


BA in CS
Boston University
Class of 2023


Adversary Emulation Framework, Listening Server & Client Console

A listening server to manage adversarial implants, with a web interface to view and interact with the implants. Adversary emulation framework development underway with features including DLL injection and peer to peer communication. Framework currently supports using messaging apps to covertly egress data from monitored networks.

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A software pipeline to classify historic natural history specimens, built for the Harvard HerbariumBU Spark!. The pipeline is composed of custom-trained, fine-tuned, and pre-trained models in conjunction with structural pattern matching algorithms to pick correct classifications in the correct context.

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Photo Sharing App

A fully featured photo sharing app, where you can create a profile, upload photos, add friends, and like and comment on content.

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Say Cheese!

An app that uses pre-trained on-device machine learning to identify when to take the perfect group photo. It tracks features such as smile and blink probabilities.

Custom Interpreter & Compiler

A stack-language interpreter and compiler built in OCaml.

VIsit Repo

And Many More

Check out my GitHub!

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