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I'm Eamon Niknafs

I'm a Googler working on proactive cybersecurity consulting with the Mandiant team. I also am interested in AI research and safety, specifically in LLMs as agents and multimodal learning.

My Interests

I am seeking projects and work in these areas. If you would like to collaborate with me on a project, message me below!

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Security Research
Software Engineering


Adversary Emulation Framework

An adversary emulation framework with special features including use of a messaging app as a communication channel, a hybrid encryption scheme, and shell code injection. The implant is served by a containerized listening server, MySQL database, and Flask app.

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A vision transformer based machine learning pipeline built to classify plant specimens and organize records, built for the Harvard HerbariumBU Spark!. The pipeline is composed of an ensamble of fine-tuned OCR and NER models along with a ViT plant classifier to pick correct classifications in the correct context.

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Ensemble Effect:
Fine-tuned Models
for Image Prompt Prediction

Research paper on a model that predicts text prompts from generated images using an ensemble of multimodal models, including CLIP, BLIP, and ViT. Uses a high-quality dataset and of 100k custom generated images, cleaned to have low semantic similarity.

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The Autocast Competition

Deep learning project and paper to forecast world events outside of the training data using large language models (LLMs) including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4. Prompt engineering techniques including few-shot learning, inference averaging, and others are employed to increase accuracy.

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Meta AI Video Similarity Challenge

Deep learning project to create a model that finds similar videos using a dataset of 1000s of videos. Scored 8th place of 212 participants in Meta AI’s Video Similarity Challenge in the more difficult "matching" track.

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Custom Interpreter & Compiler

Tail-recursive interpreter designed to parse, push, and execute 12 unique commands on a custom made stack. Compiler implemented to compile a traditional programming language into custom-built stack language.

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And Many More

Check out my GitHub!

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